#9-3rd Degree_Navigating Virtual Frontiers: Bob Cooney on VR Innovation, Personal Transformation, and the Power of Empathy

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The 3rd Degree
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Embark on an enlightening excursion with Bob Cooney, the maverick shaping the frontiers of virtual reality and location-based entertainment. His odyssey, from an Inc 500 launch to the dizzying heights of a NASDAQ IPO, exemplifies a life dedicated to the art of the possible. As Bob navigating from the charms of France, pulls back the curtain on the complexities of VR distribution, revealing the inception of the VR Arcade Game Summit. His tale intertwines with his weekly webinar escapades on location-based VR, where serendipitous encounters with developers and the unexpected triumph of , the virtual trade show, underscore the power of innovation in times of adversity.

In a landscape where the virtual intertwines with the visceral, Bob’s and my experiences converge in a symphony of technological evolution. We tackle the production hurdles of live news amidst Melbourne’s stringent lockdowns, and reflect on the burgeoning metaverse, VR, AR, and AI – a cornucopia of acronyms that hold the key to future realities. Our dialogue orbits around the gravitational pull of community and communication as catalysts for growth within the VR industry, while I unpack my method of staying on the crest of the tech wave through a relentless pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

The episode unfurls a tapestry of personal transformation, tracing Bob’s path from New York’s turbulence to a life unshackled by the past. He shares the profound symbology of his tattoos and the wisdom distilled from “The Four Agreements,” weaving a narrative that champions empathy in innovation. As we wrap up, the mission is clear: to harness the transformative essence of VR in reshaping perceptions and fostering personal evolution. So, tune in, share, and subscribe for a journey that promises to expand minds and inspire action as we traverse the fascinating landscape of virtual reality. Goodbye, everyone – and remember, keep kicking ass in all you do.

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