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Month: January 2023

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#1156 – Restructuring the Tech Space

Just one month into the New Year, and the ramifications of tectonic change are reverberating round the tech industry landscape. Major restructuring across all the leading social media, tech and entertainment corporations, with a new focus on how best to apply this technology into the commercial, entertainment and enterprise landscape, are underway. Microsoft Restructures XR Position Now some five-years since the ‘Microsoft 2018 LBE Summit’, held in San Francisco at the Microsoft Reactor venue, and the news greets us that, following the momentous layoff of some 10,000 Microsoft employees, much of the infrastructure purported to be focused on supporting the emerging VR LBE scene undertaken by ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ (WinMR) has been shuttered. The reality of the situation is still be played out, but the sacking of the complete development team at Microsoft’s ‘Mixed Reality ToolKit’ (MRTK) operation, has also […]


#1155 – The Social Entertainment Explosion – Part 1

The need for the traditional amusement and entertainment operator and manufacturer scene to comprehend the buying needs of their Gen Z and Millennial customers has never been so vital. Looking at the launch of new “Social Entertainment” venues, and the looming growth is now forcing many traditionalists to take notice.   As reported in our EAG’23 coverage of the amusement trade event, several US execs from leading entertainment venue brands had made the trip to London – not merely to see the new amusement on offer, but also to visit the latest crop of Social Entertainment venues. Defined by some as “Competitive Socializing” sites, or Next-Gen “Eatertainment” venues, it is clear that the UK has become a launchpad for this unique new concept that is popularising Social Entertainment and hospitality with a brand-new mix. The Stinger Report has covered Social […]


#1153 – Technology’s Future Promise

We start the 2023 coverage in full, after completing our extensive IAAPA’22 reportage. Now we look at the first inklings of how the technology and entertainment scene will be developing in this new year of expected advancements, as we cover another mammoth trade convention. The premium event for all things to do with consumer electronics and technology in general, rang in the New Year as always and seemed to highlight the battle lines for the year ahead. The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES’23), organized by the Consumer Technology Association, took multiple spaces across hotel and convention centers in Las Vegas, attracting an estimated 113,000 visitors. The importance of the event to be an arbiter of the coming market in troubled conditions was a vibe felt across the show. VR was one of those trends that seemed to be attempting to […]


#1154 – Amusement Established at London Show

The amusement and attraction trade regroups and restructures to start the 2023 season with a bang, and a purpose. The industry may have a calendar of events scheduled for the year, but the developments and trends on the various show floors are very much more than planned, with many new developments pointing to the new future for the industry internationally.  The first trade event of the 2023 season started with Entertainment, Amusement & Gaming International Expo 2023 (EAG’23), affectionately known in the trade as “The London Show”. Organized by bacta UK trade association for the amusement and FEC sector, it was held at the ExCel Conference Center and totalled some 70 exhibitors (17 of which were making their EAG debut), occupying 78 stands across 8,000 sqm of space. This was the first return to the traditional timing for the show […]

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