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Month: January 2022

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#1106 – Building the Bedrock of Immersive Entertainment

While the world still reels from the impact of the Global Health Crisis, other momentous developments seem to fly past. But it is important to take time and take stock of where the industry has come from, and where it is going. In two far reaching observations, we first look at the anniversary of the videogame market, and then at how the next generation of entertainment looks to embrace high brands. Birth of the Interactive Nation The video amusement industry represents the oldest facet of the digital interactive entertainment landscape. This is the originator of most of the game strategy, gameplay, competition, and nomenclature that has gone on to establish the vast $175b consumer games industry. 2022 marked the 50th anniversary of ‘PONG’ – the phenomenally successful first mainstream video amusement release, and a game that would cement video amusement […]


#1104 – Innovation Driving the Entertainment Market

The New Year started, but some of the old issues that plagued the previous period seem to still be haunting the industry. However, first we need to conclude the last physical event of the 2021 period, before giving a detailed rundown of the amazing developments across the immersive landscape. Simulation Concludes Year There was one last show event development from 2021 – with the all-important 54th I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference), for military and commercial simulation and training. The event took place only days after the IAAPA cornucopia at the same Orlando convention center; with several of the amusement trade exhibitors crossing the aisle and taken space at ITSEC’21 to represent their other business in simulation and training. As with the entertainment sector, the simulation sector has seen its share of recent mergers and acquisitions, one such being […]


#1105 – Entertainment Investment Frenzy

The culmination of development and investment towards creating a changed landscape for the consumption of entertainment, has been personified by the start of 2022. The conditions seem to be right for leading entertainment brands towards consolidation, mergers, and growth. The market, through increased investment, sees major corporations looking towards creating franchised ecosystems across the leading platforms, and a physical presence is now becoming as important as a digital, online and connected presence. Amusement Investment Developments in the Out-of-Home Entertainment venue scene have continued to pick up speed. Much of this is fuelled by a growth in investment in this area, with the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) business projected to grow to $40.8b by 2025, according to industry analysis evaluation. This growth has continued since the valuation of $18.9b in 2017 (revealed in corporate reporting by Launch Trampoline Parks). This has […]


#1103 – The New Year Dividend for Entertainment

The New Year sees an incredible movement of interest and investment into the Out-of-Home Entertainment landscape, although some of these developments have taken some time to consolidate. The previous attempts in the 1990s, to define a new era of amusement and entertainment space for a more diverse audience, took on a new relevance as the ghosts of those attempts raised their heads again, both in the final consolidation of one, and the re-emergence of concepts from another. The Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) market and the emergence of Social Entertainment are about to see a new phase of activity, and we hope the lessons from the last failed attempts have been learned.  Collapse Of Hollywood Arcade Chain Speculation had been high that the true manifestation of the impact of the Global Health Crisis and lockdown on the entertainment scene had not yet […]

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