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Month: July 2022

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#1130 – Party Time for Entertainment

The new investment in social entertainment is supported by a trade gathering that reflects the secondary spend in the scene for private event hire. Meanwhile, at the same time, a Japanese concept looks to establish a footing in the Western market with capsule toy vending’s appearance in the States. The need to establish a brand sees the return of some previously closed entertainment venue operations under new management, while the investment and acquisition fever continues across the trade.  The Hidden Business of Social The move by the amusement and entertainment sector to a cashless model brings more benefits than just a convenient spending infrastructure. The ability of the latest ePayment platforms includes their companion elements of online registration, allowing a greater private hire component to the entertainment venue business – be this the hiring of party rooms, or group hires […]


#1129 – Summer Sun For New Amusement

While many shelter from the summer heatwave, and the dreams of vacations define the thinking of many executives, innovation and investment still drive the entertainment scene at a pace. The holding of a hybrid (online) Chinese amusement trade event reveals the continued investment from this market into innovation, while we see new releases from Western manufacturers. All this, as Social Entertainment continues its growth as a dominant force in the sector.  Chinese Amusement Rundown Following on from our International Bowl Expo (IBE) 2022 coverage, the state of Chinese amusement development had been touched on, but now can be explored in detail. Taking place only a few days after IBE’22 was the 2022 Asia Commerce & Recreation Expo (ACRE). It was held as a virtual trade event, acting as a hybrid gathering for the Chinese market still being impacted by the […]


#1126 – Entertainment – After The Storm!

During the hardest days of the Global Health Crisis and the industry-wide lockdown, The Stinger Report publisher attempted to search out positivity in the face of growing gloom and doom. And so was born the occasional #AfterTheStorm social media feed, and hashtag. Now two-years since the last post, and it would seem fitting to take stock of what the “New Normal” of the Out-of-Home Entertainment sector has become, and some trends and issues shaping the landscape ahead. The Road Well Travelled The COVID conditions, for many amusement businesses, were grim during the early part of the lockdown and pandemic market. The need to depend on Governmental support was felt by many, and the inability to generate revenue hit hard at many corporations. Once reopened, the needs for strict hygiene and operational guidelines added even more pressure on operations, compounded by […]

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