Boosting Park Attendance, Cake Boss Partnership and PuttShack Phoenix Review

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Ever wonder how Disney keeps its parks bustling despite the global challenges? Join us, your hosts, Christine Buhr and Brandon Willey, as we peel back the curtain and explore the strategies that Disney implements to boost park attendance. From irresistible discounts to maverick marketing techniques and a laser focus on their annual pass holders, we take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of how the magic happens, steering clear of worn-out cliches as we go.

Speaking of magic, ever considered the culinary sorcery it takes to transform flour, sugar, and eggs into something that’s so much more? We take a detour into the land of sweet delights as we talk about the recent partnership between kids’ favorite, Chuck E. Cheese and Cake Boss extraordinaire, Buddy V. We’ll also give you the inside scoop on our own adventures while navigating the labyrinthian paths of the newly opened Phoenix Puttshack mini-golf course.

We’re not just hosts of a podcast, we’re cultivators of a vibrant community. So, don’t just sit there and let our voices wash over you. Be a part of the collective LBX community, where your thoughts, ideas, and insights can make a difference. After all, it’s not every day that you get a chance to shape the industry you love. Whether it’s your perspective on our Putt Shack experience, or your ingenious strategies to improve repeat visits at your own venues, we want to hear from you. So, stay tuned, keep kicking ass and, most importantly, start a conversation!

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The brainchild of two location-based experience enthusiasts, Christine Buhr and Brandon Willey, the LBX Collective aims to inform and educate, create opportunities to connect with industry peers, and to spur collaboration, discourse, and cross-pollination of ideas.

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