165-TDS_Putt Shack Marketing Tricks, Uber Oddities, and an Indoor Sports Paradise

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Welcome to a whirlwind of curiosity and laughter, where entertainment trends and peculiar tales intertwine! We’re shaking off the remnants of a night spent in good company and hearty comfort food to bring you a blend of marketing genius and forgotten treasures. On today’s LBX Daily Show, I, Christine Buehrer, alongside my co-host Brandon Wiley, recount how Puttshack’s Nashville location used a simple online game to capture our hearts and email addresses, rewarding me with a savory flatbread win live on air. But that’s just the beginning, as we unravel the oddities of the Uber Lost and Found Index, chuckling over how Jacksonville earned its forgetful reputation and the intriguing patterns of items left behind on different days of the week.

As the echoes of our laughter from the Uber tales fade, we pivot to the adrenaline-pumping attractions at Axe Master Throwing’s Blacklight Rage Room. Imagine hurling hatchets and then switching gears to vent in a room where smashing things is not just allowed, but encouraged. Could this be the ultimate stress reliever or just a ticket to topping the lost items list? Either way, we’re here for it! Then, we whisk you away to the Pacific Northwest, where we preview the grand opening of Portland’s sprawling People’s Courts. It’s a haven for indoor sports enthusiasts, with pickleball courts, disc golf, and a full-service, colorfully themed restaurant and bar. We even mull over the practicality of indoor disc golf and the clever design of this climate-conscious venue.

Don’t forget, there’s no daily show this Thursday, but you won’t want to miss our special feature on Monster Mini Golf. Here, we delve into how they redefine customer service and create an atmosphere that’s as engaging as it is eerie. So, hit that subscribe button now, and stay tuned for the Thursday special and more captivating content on Friday. Whether you’re in it for the games, gadgets, or guffaws, we’re your go-to for connection, engagement, and inspiration. Now, let’s get the ball rolling—literally and figuratively—as we venture into the heart of the entertainment world!

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