#8-3rd Degree_ Armando Lanuti: A Journey in Entertainment from Laser Flash to Lucky Putt

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The 3rd Degree
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Have you ever contemplated the secret ingredients that concoct the world of captivating entertainment experiences? Armando Lanuti, the president of CreativeWorks, invites us into his world of ‘responsible freedom,’ a mantra that has paved the road for innovation in immersive entertainment. Throughout our dialogue, Armando unwraps his 18-year odyssey, from his pivotal leap of faith leaving Laser Flash to steering the helm at CreativeWorks, where creations like Lucky Putt Mini Golf and Limitless VR have flourished. His rich narrative offers more than just a glimpse into industry leadership; it’s an intricate weave of marketing expertise, product development, and the sheer will to carve out pioneering attractions in a space that’s constantly reinventing itself.

As we navigate through Armando’s career chronicles, he candidly shares how personal challenges, including a gallbladder health scare, influenced his career trajectory, leading him to join forces with Creative Works. The conversation segues into stories of resilience amidst economic ebbs, such as the 2008 recession and the tumultuous tides of the pandemic. With a focus tightly fixated on the future, he articulates his optimism through Creative Works’ expansion, reflecting on the industry’s tenacity and the undying quest to provide families with affable and accessible entertainment.

Rounding out our discussion, Armando brings us into his personal sanctum, discussing the delicate art of blending family life with the rigorous demands of being an industry vanguard. He recounts the trials of infertility and the joyous victories of raising a spirited family, all while navigating the corporate seas with an ethos grounded in empathy and accountability. His narrative is a testament to the unyielding pursuit of creating unforgettable moments, whether they’re shared with customers or cherished within the tapestry of his own family life. Join us for a heartfelt exploration of what it means to champion innovation, prioritize human connections, and foster a balanced existence amidst the whirlwind of the immersive entertainment universe.

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