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Month: April 2022

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#1118 – Blockchain’s Entertainment Impact

Following on the previous coverage of the Las Vegas entertainment investment, This latest part looks more at the wider implications for the business, along with the inclusion of crypto-currency investment and the use of new payments and investments in the next phase of industry growth. NFT and Blockchain in Entertainment The investment into eSports regarding gaming and blockchain interest is another facet that sees great movement. It was announced that Community Gaming had raised some $16m in a series A round of investment, led by SoftBank (through their ‘SB Opportunity Fund’). This investment is intended to see Community Gaming expand their eSports tournament gaming platform, looking to expand into markets in Latin America – the company is also looking to grow its business with a blockchain-based subscription model which includes prize payments through this platform, already comprising some 100,000 registered […]


#1117 – Entertainment’s Immersive Drive

The 2022 March period proved a very busy time for all things to do with amusement and entertainment. Along with the Las Vegas AEI’22 trade event and Bar & Restaurant gatherings, there were several high-level seminars and conferences held during this period. We have already reported on FEU and the VR Summit, but a few days after these one of the largest events was held.  Latest FEC Bootcamp From the glitz of Vegas, we travel to Indianapolis, the home of Indy racing, and the home of Creative Works, who held their Amusement360 – an exclusive educational two-day seminar for start-ups and operators entering the FEC and entertainment space. This year’s event saw record breaking attendance, reflecting the interest that this business is generating, and a hunger for information from experienced voices. Creative Works gathered, along with a list of manufacturers […]


#1114 – Viva Entertainment – Part 1

The start of a new dawn for coverage from The Stinger Report – and we begin with exclusive coverage of the developments and new opportunities witnessed at the gathering in Las Vegas in March. We share all the developments in this two-part report, as well as information on the other aspects that shaped the industry during this period.  Amusement Trade Assembles For the international industry, the trip to Las Vegas marked the two-year anniversary of the Global Health Crisis – and for many the first time they had been able to make the trip to the United States. The holding of Amusement Expo International (AEI’22) in Nevada marked a return to the original home of the amusement trade event and marked an important line in the sand for the return to some level of normalcy for the Out-of-Home Entertainment trade. […]


#1115 – Viva Entertainment – Part 2

The second part of our coverage from Las Vegas and the Amusement Entertainment International (AEI) convention, and the other developments impacting the immersive entertainment scene during this period. Amusement Convention Other developers who supported the VR Summit and were exhibiting on the AEI’22 show floor included LAI Games, with the company having seen great success with their ‘Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride’ platform, now with nearly 1,000 units in the field. The company promoting their new offer, ‘Rabbids: The Big Bundle’. Along with this success and an extensive range of new amusement and skill gaming machines on their show booth, the company also had the US appearance of ‘Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade’ – the WAHLAP title developed by Gameloft that is represented by LAI in the Western market. On display was both the 5D deluxe motion version and the standard […]


#1116 – Immersive Facility Investment

While compiling the exclusive coverage during AEI’22 and Amusement360 (coming soon), information was also collected on the latest facility developments. This included a first look at those sites in Las Vegas, as well as news of other projects in development internationally.  Visiting the AREA One of the important ventures visited during the Las Vegas stay was AREA15 – the self-styled world’s first purpose-built immersive entertainment district, offering live events, distinctive attractions, interactive art installations, extraordinary design elements, and hospitality. It was revealed that the venue has seen some 2 million visitors in its first year of operation and has won several audience awards for its mixture of entertainment and art installation. The space has been selected well outside of the main strip area of the casino and resort Mecca – the nondescript warehouse district has been transformed into an entertainment […]

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