#5- The 3rd Degree – Mike Abecassis: An Empire of Fun, Redefining Entertainment and Thriving Amidst Challenges

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The 3rd Degree
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Embark on an electrifying journey with the mastermind of Game Time’s ‘play with your food’ empire, Mike Abecassis, as he unveils the magic behind his family entertainment powerhouse. From the buzzing arcades to the lively bars and party venues, Mike gives us the scoop on fusing cutting-edge technology with classic fun to create unforgettable experiences across Florida. His new  jewel in his amusement kingdom, Dezerland, stands as a testament to his visionary expansion, offering an array of attractions that are set to redefine entertainment in North Miami. But it’s not just about the games and the glam – Mike gets real about the rollercoaster ride during the pandemic and the strategic pivots that kept the fun going.

Strap in as we navigate the twists and turns of Game Time’s growth, from savvy acquisitions to fine-tuning the customer journey. Mike shares the insights gained from integrating attractions and technology to molding Game Time into a destination that families flock to time and again. He doesn’t shy away from the complexities of evolving a brand to outshine competitors like Dave and Buster’s, painting a rich picture of an industry that continuously demands innovation and adaptation. Whether it’s the hands-on challenges of running a lean operation or the exhilarating thrills of expanding a business, Mike’s anecdotes and learned lessons are a gold mine for anyone with an entrepreneurial heart.

As the lights dim on our conversation with Mike, we reflect on the tapestry of life beyond the buzz of business. From the cultural influences of a childhood spent transitioning from Casablanca to Montreal to Florida, to the philosophies imparted by mentors like Tony Robbins and Al Kress, Mike opens up about the art of balancing a fulfilling career with precious family moments. Touching on future trends in the entertainment industry, he offers a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for Game Time and the sector at large. Whether you’re an industry insider or just a fan of a good success story, this episode is a behind-the-scenes pass to the world of amusement, ambition, and the joy of creating lasting memories.

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