168-TDS_Exploring Time, Technology, and Tingles: From Forest Bathing to Future Gaming

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Get ready to chuckle at our dieting quirks as we usher in the onset of May with a blend of amusement and reflection on the passage of time. We’ve lined up power-packed discussions with the dazzling Armando Lanuti and a behind-the-scenes dive into Creative Works with the perceptive Russ Van Nattaa and Danny Gruening. Excitement builds for new Splitsville lanes striking up in Canada and Andretti’s fast track to fun in Illinois. But it’s not all pins and pedals; we’re whisked away to Germany’s Therma Oostertchen, where ‘Forest Bathing Lopuna’ by Marshmallow Laser Feast and Love Triangle offers a transcendent mix of serenity and tech savvy.

As we recount teenage hijinks and a nostalgic prank at the now-closed Nor Sports park, we shift gears to serious tech talk, dissecting Six Flags’ digital leap. Their revamped website, the AI assistant Missy Six, and a fresh app promise a modern twist to the theme park experience. Yet, as we pivot from pedal go-karts to the digital domain, we can’t help but ponder—will Six Flags’ bet on the metaverse and e-gaming pay off? The conversation swings between healthy skepticism and genuine curiosity about how these new playgrounds will shape our thrills.

We round off with a spotlight on Dave & Buster’s latest playbook: the Lucra app—a clever cocktail of casual gaming and betting, stirred by Stanford Business School brains and ex-Goldman Sachs finesse. Will this shift in entertainment and betting culture hit the jackpot, or is it a gamble on social norms? Stick with us, as CB and BW, to catch the pickleball wave and what it means for the future of sports. So, leave us a like, share the joy, and subscribe for a front-row seat to the monthly marvels and musings. It’s more than just a recap; it’s a ticket to the evolving landscape of location-based experiences.

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